Other Work

Church of the Holy Cross

Pedro worked at Holy Cross for seven years, since March of 2008. He was the music coordinator for church services and also conducted Na Leo Ni’o Lani, the church choir. He ensured that the music chosen for the congregation was singable and accessible. While there, Pedro worked to achieve a number of goals. He strived to bring special music to the services by hiring musicians from the community, including vocal soloists and instrumentalists. With the choir, he worked to raise the musicianship of each member as well as push for a high level of performance practice.

Hilo High School Performing Arts Learning Center

Pedro music directed the PALC program for five years, starting in January of 2010. The program includes high school students from a number of schools in East Hawaii, including Hilo High, Waiakea High, and Connections. PALC puts on a Playwrights Festival each fall semester and a full-scale musical each spring semester. The spring musicals also include an orchestra comprised almost entirely of students. Adult musicians have been brought in to be role models for the students and help keep the orchestra together. Pedro’s first show was the monumental West Side Story in 2010.

Hawaii Academy of Arts and Sciences

In August of 2006, Pedro was brought in for Les Miserables by the stage director, Maiva Blaisdell. The program was actually put on by the Theater Arts Conservatory, but it was sponsored by HAAS. The entire project lasted six months, and came to fruition in February of 2007. Pedro is the first music instructor of the charter school, and is working to create a curriculum. He plans to create an instruction cycle that includes training in music theory, history, appreciation, and performance.

University of Hawaii at Hilo

Pedro was initially brought in to work as interim instructor in February of 2008. He stepped in to prepare the University chorus for the Opera Chorus Concert at the end of the semester in May. Pedro is still consistently brought in by Amy Yamasaki to be an accompanist and collaborative instructor for her music courses that are focused on vocal technique and performance. In 2010, Pedro given the great honor to music direct Seussical: The Musical. The show, which is non-stop music from start to finish, was an immense undertaking. He worked with a cast of over 30, and an orchestra of over 20, to present a show that took Hilo by storm. In 2011, Pedro reprised his role as music director for a show unfamiliar to Hilo, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, which was throughly enjoyed by the community of East Hawaii.